Gateways to the West, Part II: Education and the Making of Race, Place, and Culture in the West

Publication: History of Education Quarterly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author(s): Nancy Beadie, Joy Williamson-Lott, Michael Bowman, Teresa Frizell, Gonzalo Guzman, Jisoo Hyun, Joanna Johnson, Kathryn Nicholas, Lani Phillips, Rebecca Wellington and La'akea Yoshida
Complete article available: Cambridge University Press

In this historical essay, the authors bring many examples of scholarship from western history to bear on literature in the history of education to frame new perspectives and questions for the field.  As in Part I of the essay, published in 2016, the authors’ aim is more provocative than synthetic.  Far from attempting to provide a comprehensive survey of the history of education in the West, the essay aim is to identify key ways in which western cases and analysis light up alternative views and understanding of the history of education.  The article draws on major new studies of radicalization, (sub)urbanization, curriculum, and activism to consider the significance of education in the making of race, place and culture in the West.